Friday, November 28, 2008

First Post-Election Thoughts - Postscript

Clameur de Haro? notices that, according to the Jersey Evening [sic] Post, Mrs Angela Jeune, the newly-elected (but er...........not by very many people) Deputy for St Brelade No. 1, declared herself mystified by the low electoral turnout - 23.6% or 27.5% depending on which measure is used -and announced that she was going to make it her business to find out why.
All that she needs to do is to ask anyone who went to the St Brelade No. 1 hustings: CdeH? has posted below on how the audience was profoundly unimpressed with any of the candidates, to the extent that many people audibly expressed their intention of not voting, precisely because of that.
Clameur de Haro? was sorry to see the demise of Pat Ryan, after an honourable decision to stand in his home parish, despite what was always going to be an uphill struggle against possibly the most parish-clique ridden constituency in the Island, but truly appalled that the St Mary electorate should have fallen for the false environmental blandishments of Daniel Wimberley, long suspected by CdeH? as being a lifelong advocate of socialist prescriptions.
Expect regular postings in the future to demolish the Wimberley "catastrophic global warming" mantra and all the illiberal measures that flow in its wake.
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