Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clameur de Haro’s Weekend Music R&R # 5

To apologise for the lack of these in the past 3 weeks or so, it’s two for the price of one this weekend – although partly also because they’re both sub-3 minute clips, and you do all deserve your money’s worth, after all………
On to a bit of a boogie-woogie theme this week, jazz manifestation of the genre first. CdeH used whenever possible to listen to the late Humphrey Lyttelton’s prog on steam radio sampling all the jazz greats of times past, and came to appreciate the jazz boogie-woogie piano virtuosity particularly of Meade Lux Lewis and Albert Ammons. So when he ran across this clip of Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson performing (he thinks) Boogie Woogie Dream, it went straight to the top of the playlist. Despite being a tad grainy, the relaxed attitudes contrasting with the superb synchronised playing just takes the breath away.
Then, transposing the boogie-woogie theme to the present, it’s across the years, across the Atlantic, and across the genres, to Johan Blohm, keyboardist with Swedish rock-blues-boogie band The Refreshments. Apparently they’re huge in Sweden, and often have that phenomenal guitarist Albert Lee, late of Hogan’s Heroes and Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band to name but two, guesting on the live gigs. Johan Blohm seems to get billed as “the greatest rock’n’roll boogie-woogie piano player in the world”, but for once (and even though he seems singularly unfazed by it) the hype might just be accurate……..
Even CdeH’s tin musical ear can detect the connection between the two performances, across many years and one ocean. Enjoy…….
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