Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Should Have Stood Up and Been Counted, Mr Forskitt

Clameur de Haro? sees a both amusing and ironic linkage between the Jersey Evening [sic] Post’s editorial of Wednesday 10 December and Mark Forskitt’s blogpost of Friday 12 December.
In its 10 December leader, the JEP, clearly finding the prospect of Deputy James Reed’s appointment as Education Minister not to its liking (“…simply not credible….”), sought to suggest that he lacked the requisite levels of both experience and public support, largely on the grounds that he had not had to face the electorate in his own parish - as if Mr Reed was in some way either personally blameworthy, or a less than legitimate representative, because no-one decided to challenge him.
CdeH? will remember that leader, and take pleasure in re-airing it the next time the JEP lauds the unopposed re-election of a Constable by a small and unrepresentative coterie of parish officials as somehow a vindication of the inherent stability of that entirely mythical concept, “the Jersey way of life”. But that is by the way.
Meanwhile, Mr Forskitt, a resident in fact of Mr Reed’s constituency, draws comparisons between the recent elections in Sark (whose electors have CdeH?’s wholehearted approval for their two-fingered Agincourt Salute to the ogres of Colditz-en-Brecqhou) and Jersey’s recent “pitiful” elections: he says “….I believe it (democracy) is coming to Jersey too…”, and he wearily evokes the plight of “…we plebs, when faced with an election, ….”.
Clameur de Haro?, however, recalls that Mr Forskitt, despite his evident desire to get into the States, admitted quite openly on the Planet Jersey forum, in the run-up to the elections, that he would not risk standing in his home parish of St Ouen in opposition to Mr Reed, judging – correctly - that he would have no chance (sensible people, these electors of St Ouen): but speculated that he might instead try a spot of unashamed carpet-bagging and possibly have a crack at St Brelade No 1, where he thought there might be a bit more receptiveness to his greenery.
But in the end he did not do that either. Presumably when faced with the prospect of an election of his own, timidity and risk-aversion triumphed over the opportunity to bring democracy to the unfortunate, democracy-deprived citizenry of St Ouen and St Brelade………
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Anonymous said...

Mr Forskit stated on the senatorial hustings he would not run for deputy. I don't think he gave a reason.

As for the comment on St Brelade on Planet Jersey see,1424.msg19155.html#msg19155

"Re: St Brelade Number One
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2008, 04:50:12 PM »

The last I heard no-one was definitely standing - I had several people ask me to do so cause there is quite a greenish vote. Still time for you to do it Tony."

Does not sound like any intent to stand at all.

Clameur de Haro? said...

In which case, Clameur de Haro? is happy to stand corrected, and apologise to Mr Forskitt for that particular inaccuracy - thank you for the comment.

Doesn't detract, though, from the fact that, having been approached at all about standing, he still chose not to do so in his own parish...........

TonyTheProf said...

Mr Forskitt said when he stood as Senator that he would not try the "back door" of Deputy afterwards, which can be seen as quite a principled position, which he stuck too. Maybe in 2011 he will try as Deputy?

My own problems with Deputy Reed not having stood is that he has not needed to give a manifesto in 2005 or 2008, so it is difficult to know where he stands on any issues.

I can't help feeling sorry for the way in which Terry le Sueur did a Brutus to him in dumping him in favour of Paul Routier.