Sunday, December 06, 2009

Stuart Syvret – A Sick Joke

So, observes, Clameur de Haro, t’would seem that Fugitivus Laxativus Diminutivus, aka Stuart Syvret, phoned in to School last week claiming that he has a sick note from Matron, and needs to be excused from games.
Such is Mr Syvret’s (totally misplaced) opinion of his own pre-eminent intellectual brilliance, and such his contrasting opinion of the congenital stupidity of virtually everyone else, that he probably genuinely assumes that no-one at all is astute enough to spot this ploy for what it presumably is – an attempt to avoid suspension on the grounds of his continued absence from Assembly proceedings and the consequential discontinuation of his eligibility to receive remuneration.
Perhaps his erstwhile host and like-minded oddball Mr John Hemmjng needs to buy more vegetable oil to power his car, and is demanding some contribution to offset his continuing hospitality.
Those who seek to support Mr Syvret in this enterprise do us, and indeed themselves, no favours whatsoever. In the light of recent revelations and judicial opinions, plenty of people would say that Fugitivus Laxativus Diminutivus is indisputably sick – although not, perhaps, in any medical sense.
Long may he find a return incompatible with his health [sic]. Long may he continue to benefit our polity by his non-participation in it – lock, stock, and delicate medical condition.
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Mike Freeman said...

well now , I see you didn't post my last sense of humour then....
Dishes it out but can't take it?
Your offensive brand of saloon bar philosophy needs no comment really ,but in idle moments I would love to know what makes someone like you tick.Do you really think your heavy handed, pompous and misguided comments are worth sharing? Do you realise how stupid you are?
Let me guess-retired minor businessman , pathetic private life , waiting to die??
Let us know please

mike freeman said...

Still waiting ....

Nick Palmer said...

Wow Mike - you're not an ecologist by any chance?

Clameur de Haro said...

“Let me guess-retired minor businessman, pathetic private life, waiting to die??”

None of the above. You might, should your default inclination to invective ever subside sufficiently to allow some lucid and prejudice-free thought, be considerably surprised.

“I would love to know what makes someone like you tick”.

Well, try reading the sidebars and some of the posts on political philosophy – although, sadly, I’m not remotely surprised that one of your ilk should find it quite incomprehensible that anyone could possibly favour minimalist government, low taxes, and free markets in preference to statist, authoritarian socialism, whether of the pink or green variety.

“Do you really think your heavy handed, pompous and misguided comments are worth sharing?”

Judging by the extent of after-post e-mail discussion and debate, conducted separately from the comments facility, and with decision-makers and opinion-formers in the public sphere who demonstrate considerably more erudition than you, it seems that they may well be.

I believe this falls under the label of free speech, although I do of course recognise that that particular concept often poses something of a difficulty for those of your worldview when it’s contrary to your own received opinions.

Anonymous said...

You really are a horrible little man first time and last on your site I agree with mike freeemans comments

Good bye

Clameur de Haro said...

Opinions other than your own are sometimes uncomfortable, Anon, but that is your privilege in a free society. Enjoy it while you still can.

Anonymous said...

"Noise of Haro" Oh no another load mouth who thinks he/she is clever.

But then again it is Jersey and when in Jersey cover every thing up that might be harmful to the rich and powerful. Par for the course.

Anonymous said...

"Enjoy it while you still can." So few words with such a meaning yet what can that be?