Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glass Houses and Stones…..?

The militant Enviro-Greenists, and not least Jersey’s home-grown communicants to that cult, are fond of portraying those, like Clameur de Haro, who are sceptical about the Great Anthropogenic Climate Change Scam as rabid, swivel-eyed deniers who, if not actually insane, spend their days plotting how to ravage fruitful, bounteous, Mother Earth, in between eating their own first-born. Altogether not the kind of monsters, therefore, who deserve any kind of hearing whatsoever.

Whereas the Enviro-Greenists themselves of course are all, without exception, calm, sensible and rational people, studiously, unemotionally, and dispassionately evaluating the scientific evidence and coming measuredly to the only possible, and naturally the "correct", conclusions.

So here’s an example of the latter, so that Clameur de Haro’s readers can see for themselves how absolutely spot on accurate the Greenists’ portrayals of themselves are.

'Nuff said.

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Nick Palmer said...

Well, that lot are right on the ultra extreme end but consider this - on the other end of the spectrum are vastly more culturally and mathematically insane people who would ravage, and indeed are ravaging, everything in pursuit of their short term greeds.

Given a choice between allowing one or other of the two extreme types of people to prevail, it is clear that the Earth First'ers would be humanity's better bet, although forests might get noisier and smellier.

Apart from that, your analysis of the swivel eyed deniers vs the heads-screwed-on environmentalists is absolutely spot on - well done.

David Vance said...

Obama supporters.