Friday, October 30, 2009

What That Climate Change Advert Really Meant To Say………..

Like multitudes of his acquaintance, Clameur de Haro has been utterly disgusted by the selective, one-sided, criminally inaccurate, and blatantly scaremongering “bedtime story” advert now being shown on television. It’s nothing else but pernicious, crude propaganda of which Dr Goebbels himself would have been proud – although emanating as it does from the minions of the shifty, snivelling Ed Marxiband Milliband, one should not be remotely surprised.
Considering the eagerness with which the Militant Green-Left denounce sceptics of the Great Anthropogenic Climate Change Scam as deniers or worse, their silence so far on this classic example of the techniques of totalitarianism has been deafening – and because of that, so unequivocally revealing of their true agenda.
As a critique of the advert, this piece from Janet Daley says it all -
The government is trying to terrify you. That is the only possible interpretation of its latest television advertising campaign on the supposed dangers of global warming. Whether or not you accept the scientific premises behind the “bedtime story” advert which is now to be investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority after attracting over 350 complaints from the public, there is no question that it is propaganda in the strict technical sense of the word.
That is to say, it is an attempt by the state to manipulate opinion and evoke emotional reactions without offering argument or evidence for its case. It accepts uncritically the most extreme rendition of the anthropogenic global warming narrative as if it were entirely uncontentious and presents it in the most sentimentally evocative possible way (ie as a threat to one’s own children and to defenceless creatures generally). It uses the techniques once associated with totalitarian societies not to persuade (which is what advertising properly does) but to coerce: to create fear and guilt.
And to what purpose? Without offering constructive argument or serious explanation of the options, we can only assume that this is a campaign designed to browbeat the public into accepting any new restrictions or “green” taxes which government may choose to impose.
Fortunately, it seems that ordinary people still have the independence of mind to know when they are being bullied.
Indeed they do: and moreover an accurate translation of the Green-Left’s propaganda, and an explanation of its true agenda and motivation, is available. It’s here -
Warning – contains strong language which may offend.
Clameur de Haro would undoubtedly have preferred that the little girl’s comment at the end had been expressed in rather less robust terms – but both the message conveyed by her father and the essential meaning of her own response, are infinitely closer to the truth than the original.
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1 comment:

Nick Palmer said...

I thought you wouldn't like this CdeH.

Janet Daley said

That is to say, it is an attempt by the state to manipulate opinion and evoke emotional reactions without offering argument or evidence for its case.

No need to offer it. How many times do people need to find out? The argument and evidence is overwhelming and already out there in the public domain. If it's not known already by the general public then it bloody well ought to be.

As far as the "alternative" script goes, I haven't laughed out loud like this at the sheer stupidity, arrogance and ignorance (I'm being kind here by not attributing evil characteristics to them) as much since I saw the infamous piece of twisted bollocks from the oh-so-objective and reasonable, truthful and balanced - NOT!!! Competitive Enterprise Institute and their evil and stupid propaganda "Global Warming - "Energy" with it's hilarious and barking mad conclusion "They call it pollution - we call it life".

If the advert you're complaining about is propaganda, at least it's on the side of the angels unlike your poster children denialist spinners.

Listen to the crafty wormtongues in these two adverts linked to below. If you don't see how they're lying, you don't know enough to avoid being fooled.