Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scum. Scum. Scum.

Two illuminating examples of the effects of 40 years of the cultural left’s capture, then domination, of Britain’s education system, and the ethical degradation which both have worked so assiduously to propagate, have been available in the last couple of days.

Opposite is a picture of Sapper Matthew Weston, 20, who in June this year lost both legs and an arm after stepping on a concealed land mine while serving with the Royal Engineers on his first operational tour in Afghanistan. A few weeks ago, in brief interlude from his recovery in Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, he was taken out shopping in the surrounding streets, in his wheelchair, by his mother – only to be abused and mocked on account of his injuries and disability by a group of “boisterous” youths.

Well, Clameur de Haro, unreservedly and humbly, salutes Matthew Weston as a shining example of what used to be commonplace in this nation before the cultural left succeeded in fastening its malignant fingers on to the levers of opinion-forming and values-creating – and thanks him for his service, his bravery and his fortitude.

As for the excrescences who mocked him, Clameur de Haro fervently hopes, and will nightly pray, that abject misfortune and misery blight their entire lives, for they are sub-moronic scum beneath contempt.

Also opposite is a photograph of one Philip Laing, 19, who, a couple of nights ago in Sheffield, was rendered so tired and emotional by the prospect of having to endure the hardships of his next term at university that he was compelled to seek solace in relieving the pressure on his bladder over a war memorial.

Mr Laing, clearly as strong a candidate for the contemptible scum epithet as his contemporaries and soulmates in Birmingham, is shortly to be up before the magistrate. Clameur de Haro hopes that the Beak throws the proverbial book at him. Perhaps a substantial fine to be donated to Help For Heroes, plus a 2-year spell of community service helping Matthew Weston and his similarly wounded comrades with their rehabilitation, might provide the modicum of education so conspicuously lacking from either his upbringing or his time at university so far.
Just where did the worldview and value system of these two examples of scum emanate from?
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